Today I realized that sometimes coaching can be just about affirming the positive, like affirming the positive things about a person, or affirming the positive things in the challenge faced by the person, which I learned myself when I was coached by someone a few days back! Coaches got to have coaches, I could coach […]

How coaching works

A video called how coaching works from Wellcoaches. Here we see the entire coaching process. We also observe that the coach is providing the tools, the actions need to be taken by the coachee. The coachee also falls back on the coach in difficult times for support to find a safe space to share with […]

How do we become more resilient? Point of view of a resilience coach.

Allowing our best self to stand up and speak up helps us to feel more resilient. Speaking up for our beliefs and working towards what we truly believe in gives an impetus which will take us closer to a life closer to what we have planned rather than leading a life as per others directions. […]

What is coaching?

What coaching is not – ┬ácounselling or mentoring. What coaching is – helping the client to create change through questions and brainstorming, charting out action plans and helping the client become accountable to reach goals. A client can seek coaching to become unstuck in a particular area of life, gain greater skills in the area […]


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