What is Life Coaching

Emotional Resilience Exercise

Do beliefs shape our actions, our decisions? Would someone working with you on reshaping your beliefs about yourself help to reshape your life? Sometimes our own limiting beliefs can be our own stumbling block. How are such beliefs and thought processes formed?
Morty Lefkoe on how our strong feelings get conditioned – See more at: http://talentdevelop.com/3488/how-our-strong-feelings-get-conditioned/
One can work on uncovering and questioning one’s own  limiting thought processes and discover possibilities. This can be a wonderful exercise for building emotional resilience. Recognizing and working on our emotional reactions can go a long way in building our own resilience.


What Mode of Coaching Would You Prefer?

What is life coaching?


Today I realized that sometimes coaching can be just about affirming the positive, like affirming the positive things about a person, or affirming the positive things in the challenge faced by the person, which I learned myself when I was coached by someone a few days back! Coaches got to have coaches, I could coach someone in facing a challenge much better today because I was coached by someone on facing my challenge in a more positive and productive way!


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John Maxwell coaches us on Empathy.
I think when I was not very empathic myself, I used to spend a lot of time thinking about other people who are not being empathic.
I first started by being empathic towards myself, understanding my own nuts and bolts and giving myself a space where I felt safe with myself and stopped constantly judging myself.
If I felt angry, I tried to understand what is making me feel angry, is it something from the past triggering this feeling or is it the person right in front me who is making me angry.
If its something else or someone else, I know that I will have to deal with that.
If it is the person right in front of me, I know I need to do something here.

Gradually I also started to understand others’ nuts and bolts, their whys or reasons for doing or saying things.


A video called how coaching works from Wellcoaches.

Here we see the entire coaching process.
We also observe that the coach is providing the tools, the actions need to be taken by the coachee.
The coachee also falls back on the coach in difficult times for support to find a safe space to share with someone who is non-judgmental and non-directive.

How do we become more resilient? Point of view of a resilience coach.

Allowing our best self to stand up and speak up helps us to feel more resilient. Speaking up for our beliefs and working towards what we truly believe in gives an impetus which will take us closer to a life closer to what we have planned rather than leading a life as per others directions.

Accepting our present circumstances as they are, facing them and then thinking about what changes we need to make and working towards solutions like working on a project helps us to work more productively on problematic situations. Making a commitment towards working on our projects so that we move towards our own success and working towards the solutions on a consistent basis helps us to feel a sense of momentum. It also ensures a better state of mind giving us more positive and goal oriented thoughts to focus upon. This ensures a healthier body and mind.

Working on what truly resonates with us helps us to experience greater sense of joy. It also means that we are working based on our strengths and values.

Having a sense of being charge of one’s life instead of viewing oneself as a victim of circumstances; gives us greater resilience. Changing perspectives and looking at one’s situations from different perspectives helps us to connect our own internal resources on a daily basis increases our resilience muscles. It also helps us to view our own life in a more meaningful way. Applying a more flexible approach towards all the things we need to work on makes us more creative and effective. Finding our own inner reserves of wisdom, using our own powerful individual traits, nurturing our own abilities and strengths, takes us on a path which is like paths followed by explorers and inventors.

Taking greater responsibility instead of blaming outer circumstances, working on all that we can possibly work on, making the most of the resources we have, giving our very best, putting our best efforts helps us to rise towards more positive experience and also helps us to heal from our past failures. We feel more in charge of our own lives.

Reinforcing our strengths protects us from reaching tipping points which are points where we feel our life is completely upside down.

Cultivating the ability to solving conflicts harmoniously gives us more time to work on what we truly want to work on as per our life plans and towards our own greater well being and the well being of others as well. Working in a balanced way by focusing more on outcomes and solutions and always reconnecting with our true goals helps us to live more joyously which in turn also build our resilience muscles.

Treating problems as challenges and solving them gives us confidence. Each day of life lived persistently seeing the goals to be worked on, taking care of the emotions that rise in us as we deal with challenges, giving us time to heal when we are hurt and overcome by emotions, seeking specialist help where required, looking at situations from a point of view to find a deeper meaning, giving oneself rest both physically and mentally, taking up physical activity as is possible for the person and taking nutritious food which keeps our energy going all day long, will go a long way in restoring balance in ourselves as we drive ourselves towards our goals.

Taking more conscious decisions also helps avoiding problems. Making ourselves aware of our true intentions behind our decisions, taking some time, sleeping over decisions, listening to our intuitions, looking at the decision from different perspectives, looking at the possible outcomes and the pros and cons of the decision will help to avoid regrets over decisions. So in future, even if the decision does not work out as we expected it to be, we know that we took the decision to the best our ability and based on all the information we had at that point of time.

Coaching based on resilience helps clients to reach their highest human potential and helps the clients to become more strengthened to face challenges in future.

One Minute Meditation

Have you ever experienced life coaching?

What is coaching?

What coaching is not –  counselling or mentoring.

What coaching is – helping the client to create change through questions and brainstorming, charting out action plans and helping the client become accountable to reach goals.

A client can seek coaching to become unstuck in a particular area of life, gain greater skills in the area of leadership, develop greater emotional intelligence or have better relationships.

Coaching is about being flexible according to each individual client’s strengths and values.